Vincent Kubiak
Photo: Edouard Nicollas 
Studio des Fleurs

British architect, Vincent Kubiak, has been living and working in Marseille since 2004. Bilingual and a member of L'Ordres des Architectes he has adapted to the special way of working in France (but still retains the 'British touch').

In collaboration with a local architect, he spent the first eight years designing elegant and airy villas in Marseile and Cassis. In 2012 he set up his own practice in the heart of Marseille; he has never looked back!

Since setting up his own practice he has designed villas and restaurants, worked on building conversions and won a major competition for 37 villas near Aix-en-Provence.
His buildings are a mix of modern Mediterranean, Asian and eco-Brit. These influences are brought from his time working for a large, forward thinking, ecology based architectural practice near Bath and from working in Asia for Jimmy Lim, one of Asia's leading architects.

His natural approach to designing buildings, with ecology as a driving element, enables the buildings to comfortably meet the French environmental regulations for new buildings and extensions.

Buildings are only part of his design repertoire; he has designed interiors, furniture, staircases, pools and landscaped gardens for clients.